AAP demands roll back of surge pricing in Railways

shatabdi-express-ticket-hikeAam Aadmi Party condemns Modi Sarkar’s new pricing for Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto as it is an anti-people move. The new pricing proposes that after every 10% of ticket sales the prices will rise. In effect the prices of railway tickets will increase by upto 50%. People who use these so called luxury trains are ordinary people. The real purpose of Indian Railways is to render service to ordinary people of india at affordable prices not to loot the people to make profits. We fear that the same model of surge pricing, that for now is being tested with Indian Railways will be extended to other services that the Government of India renders, like Govt-run hospitals, Govt-run schools, Govt run educational institutions etc. Imagine if tomorrow someone is to be admitted in a Govt run hospital which is running short of doctors or patient beds, then he or she will be charged exorbitant price by the Govt based on the model of ‘surge pricing.’ Since Indian Railways is a monopoly run by the Govt of India, it is their duty to increase the number of seats and trains and improve the frequency of trains. Rather than doing so, Modi govt has resorted to this anti-people model of surge pricing, to fleece the people.
Indian Railways is the biggest monopoly organization in India, and it is run by the Govt. Unfortunately the Modi Govt is using its monopolistic position in the market to loot the Aam Aadmi. The Modi Government is an anti poor government that is clear to everyone, but now it is clear that Narendra Modi is anti middle class too. As it is, the middle class is bearing the brunt of all the taxes and now it seems that Modi Sarkar does not want middle class Indians to have any comfort whatsoever – this pricing is an attempt to push them into second class trains by making these fares unaffordable. It is a shame that a government that waives of thousands of crores of loans to crony capitalists and gives land at peanut value to its fellow politicians, is ruling India and taking it to the biggest imbalance ever seen by haves and have nots. This is surge pricing at its worst form – its not as if the Railways will see the growing demand and increase fares. They will simply increase fares, period. So only the first 10% who book the tickets will get the actual price, all others will have to pay a premium based as high as 50% of the ticket price , depending on how late they are in the queue. Owning to emergencies, various passenger purchase tickets closer to the date of travel. The Modi Govt is now planning to exploit these circumstances and fleece the poeple of India.

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